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To quote Paul, Ringo, John and George, “all you need is love”. While this might be slightly reductionist, in principle it is a profound truth. We’ve all heard phrases and philosophies telling us about how important this emotion is, and how we must pursue and value it. But how often do you actually, truly, take just a moment to internalise what it actually means? In Nepali, there are two words for love: “maya” which is unconditional, pure love – essentially compassion for another; and “prem” which is romantic love. We believe in both – but in this case, we are referring to the “maya” love. When one thinks with love, speaks with love, and acts with love, it resonates through us. It changes the way we see others, our selves, and the world that surrounds us, which in turn affects the way we are

Fresh harvest laid out to form the shape of a heart.

Food from, and for the heart. Photo courtesy of Shieffa Hendricks, Zuraida Dramat and Moegsin Hendricks.

Take the example of planting seedlings: spending time, putting effort and taking care in making sure that each individual seedling is tightly planted in the soil, given the nutrients it needs, and kept well-watered, is a different approach to planting masses of seeds all at once and hoping that the majority survives, and the results will speak for themselves. Picking tomatoes gently and carefully; as opposed to hurriedly and recklessly; means that the harvest is not damaged, and the plant is not disturbed and so can continue producing more fruit. Or the example of some of our customers – Nicky, Fatima, Nazeem, Moegsin and Zuraida, who have chosen to get additional boxes of ours donate to others. When times are difficult, it is easy and important to focus on ourselves and our own well-being; but the wellbeing of our planet, and others around us – particularly those less fortunate, should be treated with equal importance.

We believe that only through behaving with patience, understanding and compassion, can one become a successful farmer, human being, or inhabitant of planet earth. We thank those of you who have made it possible for our produce to reach those in need, each of you who has ordered with us, and everyone who has supported us in all the various ways you have. We love you, and our harvests are the physical results of this love – we hope you have been enjoying them, and we’ll continue growing with the most care.

– Nevau, one of those who harvest

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