Those Who Harvest
Those Who Harvest
Those Who Harvest


We are by no means experts, sages, masters, or oracles. We are simply people who want to live more conscientious lives, spend days feeling connected with our environment and our role in nature, and doing what we can to help by sharing what we discover. We are Bushrah and Nevau, two of those who harvest.

We are people who harvest fruit and philosophy, honey and hope, energy and experience. Growers of chives, chilli and change.

The goal is to grow a community of free-thinkers, seed savers and changemakers – those who plant anything from carrots to informative ideas. Now, more than ever, ecosystems need help and the environment requires regeneration. This is our way of helping to restore the balance.

On this site we share our learnings and yields with you.

Our Philosophies


Actively creating and restoring adaptable spaces for healthy renewal.


Taking inspiration from nature and incorporating the environment in all aspects.


Prioritising the ecosystem; seeing our role as the stewards of the planet.


Function over form. Simple way of life using the principles of do-easy.


Learning on an experiential level through doing.


Sharing of knowledge through creating a network.

What We Do

Our Posts

Our blog encompasses everything we discover week by week, trial by trial – from food-growing methods and ideas, to off-grid systems, ways to become self-reliant, and regenerative practices. We also feature other fellow harvesters and share their experiences. 

Weekly Boxes

Once a week we deliver boxes of our latest harvests of fresh organic seasonal produce to people nearby. Boxes are available different sizes to suit different needs, and we also offer homemade or harvested products like herbs, honey, nuts, jams and preserves.

Get In Touch

Please do feel free to connect with us and share any ideas, concepts and opinions. 

Thank you for your time.
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