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When one “zooms out”, we can begin to see the obvious deep links and connections between so many of the issues and troubles that the world is currently faced with. Amongst others, degradation of the environment, social injustices, and inequality truly are intertwined. Terrible farming practices (such as the use of harmful chemical pesticides and fertilisers), supply chain setups (like energy-consuming cold-chain systems required to transport produce far away and out of season), and large-scale retailing (such as supermarkets that undercut farmers) are all contributing factors. They are each a component of a system that is set up to treat people as consumers, growers as suppliers, and food as a product. The result of this system is that we’ve reached a point where our farmers are mistreated and struggle to earn a living; people eat food that is poisoned and lacking nutrients, flavour and life; huge amounts of food is thrown away at the hands of mass retailers while people go hungry; and the planet’s ecosystem suffers due to the use of pesticides, fungicides and petrochemical-based fertilisers – not mention the pollution caused by plastic packaging. So what can we, as individuals, do about it?

Our CSA group is our way of taking another step towards changing the food system…

Each choice we make in this context – every item of food that we buy, is in essence a “vote” with our coin. Although as individuals, the strength of this vote may seem limited, by forming communities, these votes become far more powerful. A Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) group is an example of such a community. This alternative model to conventional retailing, uses localised participatory groups to offer members a chance to engage and connect with the source of their food far more directly. CSAs help growers with much-needed support by tapping into the strength of community, reducing risks by ensuring produce is allocated before it is even harvested. These groups form the basis for a relationship between growers and members that far surpasses that of a seller and a buyer. Members not only get to learn about and see first-hand how their food is grown and exactly where it comes from, but also foster a personal connection with those who grow it. The group aims to be beneficial for everyone involved, offering members the freshest, healthiest and tastiest food possible, and the growers the security of the support of an invested community.

By joining our CSA, you not only get to eat organically-grown nutrient-dense produce that is free from harmful poisons and chemicals, but you also play a huge role in cutting down on the environmental impacts of supply chains and long-distance transportation through choosing local and seasonal. In return for this vital support, we offer our members a few perks on top of the weekly harvest box they receive – such as the options to swap out items in their boxes, change box sizes and postpone boxes. Members can also choose to include optional Add-ons with their boxes from week to week, which will be reflected in their next invoice. However, ultimately we want our members to become more than just recipients of weekly boxes, and offer them the opportunity to join CSA Farm Visits once a season or so, where they are invited to explore the farm, get their hands dirty and connect with everyone else in the CSA, as well as invites to all of our future farm days, open harvest days, workshops, and other activities we may be involved in!

Become a member by selecting the CSA option on our order form.

– Nevau, one of those who harvest

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